Monday, February 13, 2012


Everything is alright if you don't really think about it. Sometimes I can't turn on my computer because reading the news makes me cry. Like today. Good news only, please! Despite all that I'm reading two books right now, both equally disturbing: Tolstoy's "Resurrection" (CLICK) and Geoffrey Miller's "The Mating Mind". You can find the latter in its entirety here (CLICK). There is something so disturbing about reading an analysis of human mating rituals because you end up constantly comparing yourself to the book and it's embarrassing, almost humiliating, how predictable human beings are.

I'm busy, so busy I feel like I'm losing my mind. No time for anything these days. When I do have some time I would like company for the following activities:

- visit the shooting range in Barrie
- a long walk in a real forest
- afternoon trip to the Woodbine racetrack
- Allan Gardens
- a winter walk through the Don Valley
- Toronto Reference Library

Those pictures up there are what I miss the most right now. Good night.

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