Thursday, February 23, 2012

When your best friend is in crisis it's mandatory to have a 90210 watching party where you get drunk on whiskey, pile into the shower and dye your hairs black and then someone gets a rat-tail.

I hate almost everything I write or make once it's one year old. Last night I spent an hour reading a bunch of old writing and it made me feel deeply ashamed. Does that happen to everyone? And why? Please write with solutions.

I ditched all my books in favour of Tolstoy's "Resurrection". It's scandalous and addictive. It's about prostitution. It's against institutionalized church. Most people hated the book because his writing isn't as intricate as it used to be - which is precisely why I enjoy it so much. It favours "meaning over aesthetic quality" (some dude said that over HERE, not me - but I agree). I have some things to say about it but my mom just told me to finish reading it first before I speak up. Hah.

Bye pals enjoy the sun!

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Anonymous said...

Never read old writing! Never think about the past! Or the future, or death! Just go to the gym!