Thursday, March 8, 2012


I'm slowly learning how to keep things alive. I've never owned plants before because I moved close to fifteen times in the past four years and felt like it would be a waste of my time. I was wrong!

Work space: lots of papers and empty coffee cups, but where is the work!

What you're greeted with when you climb into my attic / bunker.

Seth digs up construction sites for old bottles. Those guys up there ^^^ are his discarded finds. Now that he's been doing it for a while he's become a bottle snob and only keeps the really nice ones. I grab the rest whenever I can.

I basically visit deep space every time I go to bed.

That beautiful print was made by Val's grandma like fifty years ago. It's kind of scary. Plus my naked reflection in the glass, ha.

Writing a statement for the first time in months feels like a combination of panic / sleep.

Speaking of writing - is it really that impossible for one to review a photography exhibit without mentioning Cartier-Bresson and the decisive moment??! Really? I mean am I wrong to say that? Are we still in art school? I haven't read a good review in months maybe even years. Have you? Link please.

I'm trying to develop a sense of structure and discipline in my life for the millionth time. Unfortunately I have a habit of setting unreasonable goals, failing, and feeling sorry for myself. This time I'm including "failure" as part of my options. If you don't fail you risk living a boring, mediocre life, and who wants that anyway? The other day during yoga class the instructor kept repeating how life is most exciting when it falls apart and I was almost in tears and wanted to tell him to shut the eff up but you know what, he's right.

I got my first issue of Fillip in the mail a couple of weeks ago and there's a great article about parasitism that explains Michel Serres' idea of the social parasite, and that even though it isn't immediately obvious there is a fairness to certain exchanges, like for example the exchange of entertainment and ideas for food (art opening /dinner party guest entertaining you for their meal, etc). You can read the entire thing online HERE. Somehow it made me feel way better about life. Everyone talks so much about social parasites /climbers, I do too, but really, everyone is a social climber at some point. Admit it. And it's actually not a big deal.

I'm sorry this is boring. The truth is, I really want to write about my personal life but it's a bit complicated now and I end up editing down until there's nothing left. Soon. I'll leave you with this beautiful photo by Zdislaw Beksinski, it's a portrait of his wife. Happy March 8th!

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