Monday, March 19, 2012


We went to Don's on Saturday, for one day/overnight only, but it was perfect. Don lives HERE.

Mid sentence!

Let's walk.

I stopped to pee in the middle of this field and counted at least 6 fat worms in the ground while I was crouching. Fertile!!!!



There was a tree in the forest that didn't shed its leaves! They were bleached white.


Trying to climb the cage in the forest.

I think it's a sex cage?!

There's maple syrup cooking in that cauldron up there.

That metal thing on the left with the fire underneath is a hot tub. At night we jumped out of the tub and into the pond. It was icy.

But also very relaxing.

Drunk on prosecco by mid-day, obvs..

A beaver made this sculpture!

It's like a tiny evil city from a sci-fi movie. And my shadow!

Don's nice chandelier. That last picture was taken by Jessie Curell! Good bye!

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