Friday, April 20, 2012

That's one of my birthstones - Opal. So iridescent! Where do I find one? It's also the pattern and colour of my most favourite dress that I never wear because the zipper is broken.

Every day there comes a moment when I give up coffee for water or ginger tea. That moment is important to note because if I don't make the switch the coffee usually produces unpredictable results. Like a panic attack or an argument or a string of emails I later feel slightly ashamed of.

Two springs ago in Montreal I sat on our back yard porch and admired the lilacs while drinking coffees alone and imagined that I could never be happier anywhere else. Then I moved to the island where on a small stone pier with friends and wine at sunset I thought that there was no other place more special. These days I slowly coast on my bike down Augusta and feel like I don't ever want to leave this neighbourhood. I love my house and my roommates and when I sit on the roof at night the city looks so enormous and I can see where the market begins and ends. I can be happy anywhere.

My friend Julia writes a food column for Vice and it's one of my favourite things to read lately, specifically her post about the Niagra Falls (please read it HERE), specifically the part where she lays in bed with her lover with the falls right outside their open windows wondering why we need the casino and the strip bars, and why experiencing the falls isn't enough on its own anymore. Wait I don't think they're in bed I may have made that up. A while ago I listened to a radio show about Annie Edson Taylor, the woman who took a ride down the falls in an oak barrel in 1901 expecting some sort of a financial gain and possibly fame out of the experience, and later dying in poverty and on her own anyway. Desperate people often take desperate measures to ensure their survival but the sad thing about desperate acts and grand gestures is that they are so obvious to everyone and usually backfire. I have to remember that because I tend to be fond of that "technique".

So much has happened in the past few weeks. Mostly eating lots of tacos and having adventures in the sun. It was too overwhelming to write about, but I'll try soon. I'm still eating tacos and having the nicest day - like every day in the past month - maybe that is why the words aren't coming out properly.

Tonight my friends Sari and Romy will play music at the ROM (HERE), complete with a light show, and then Keren Cytter's "I Eat Pickles At Your Funeral" performance at the Al Green Theatre (HERE). Maybe I'll see you there?

In other news: I've listened to this song fifty times today. It's a good song to listen to if you're feeling heartbroken, which I'm not, but I imagine that if I was it would make me feel better. I hope you're all enjoying spring too! Bye friends.

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marla said...

the opal can be found on the ground in the desert areas of middle australia. i can bring you one. that song is sad. i want be happy in new places.