Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yesterday I came to the conclusion that all art-making is autobiographical and probably 70%+ ego. Or at least the kind of art I am drawn to is. It gave me relief. All my ideas are only fragments, incomplete, but now it makes total sense because they're reflections of my experience, right? I  still understand how graphs and documents on gallery walls serve a purpose but often when I look at someone's work I want to understand something about them or where they come from. I don't really need a quick sociology lesson. Not when it's rammed down my throat every day on facebook. 

Zeesy and I had a great little talk this morning about the pressure to create something that fits a "criteria" and how exhausting and pointless it can be. Yeah OK, I am interested in everything, always, but it's also intensely satisfying to make work about my own life. The truth is, our family is of a very limited size and history, which is why I will always have the tendency to look inward. Anyway!

The May Day march in Toronto yesterday had too many hula hoops and tambourines. I detest the whole "WE JUST WANT TO HANG OUT IN THE PARK AFTER DARK WITH OUR TENTS AND OUR GUITARS, PEAAAAACEE" garbage. What purpose does it serve? Yeah, you really showed the cops with your drumming skills. 

Too much coffee gives me neg! Some good stuff: we are going to get firearm licenses at the York Region Firearms Academy and that sounds super exciting. Their logo is a woman wearing a bonnet and carrying a rifle, I love that. Speaking of guns, check out this shooting range target (CLICK) - holy eff is that even real?! 

I've been obsessively grooming my plants and watching them closely every day like they're my kids (maybe it's time to have kids). The plants all lined up across from my desk and make me happy, I seriously stand in front of them and smile for like ten minutes before I even sit down to work.

Here's this morning's song on repeat. Also, Nirvana's Incesticide. And shit, the proper amount of sun and coffee gives me enough motivation for ten people. See you later!


Anonymous said...

i see you on your bike every day in kensington market. you live there?

Michael Holloway said...

Turns out I'm in a 'maximum rock and roll' mood today too. Listening at -

Posted this earlier in Facebook - it's almost metal (which I am bored with), but has more melodies than that -

benivulka said...

Michael, I think Incesticide is my fav right now. But today I'm in this kind of mood

And what the hell is that youtube video supposed to be?