Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cop car in Montreal slowly rolling in front of thousands of people during an impromptu "walk": feels more like an attempt by the cops to keep their dignity rather than "protect". 

I've been reading the news a lot more and it's depressing. I don't mean sensationalist garbage like Canadian Psycho or Bath Salts or dead flying cat. They are all really entertaining but also, their purpose is to distract you from the real news which is mostly about trying to find any sort of employment to survive, and I mean all kinds of people: poor people, or ones who've been systematically fucked over by everyone or ones who have relatively well off parents, who've had comfortable lives, who have had good jobs in the past. When a friend of mine was recently offered a job at the place where his partner is employed he said  "if I can't have a union, nepotism is a good runner up...so at this point it's like, what the fuck ever, if that's the way I can have a job that's fine with me because it's better than being shut out completely."  Shortly after he got hired the company had laid off a large number of his co-workers, some of whom have been working there for over a decade, people much older than I am, who have kids, own houses and cars. That's fucked up and it happens everywhere. I still ride a bike in the winter and can probably survive on a thousand dollars a month. But why should I, or anyone?

I read that Guardian article today about a bus full of the UK unemployed being brought in to steward the river pageant, basically working for free and having to sleep under the bridge in the rain. It made me cry! People are so desperate. I used to look at workinculture.ca and get upset because half of the "job" listings were unpaid internships, because artists are somehow always expected to work for free. I looked at it again today and it looks a little bit better but the offers are sparse and apparently these days people find it acceptable to pay slightly above minimum wage for higher up arts administration positions. 

I am an optimist and while I fully believe I will always be OK or at the very least survive it makes me feel awful that others might not. Let me know if you want me to switch back to personal anecdotes cause I'm ready. 

Here's a nice song. Tomorrow I'm going to spend the day with a friend picking wild flowers and then we'll paint all night. I think it's better for my mental state than the news ever will be. Good night!

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