Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last week I had a meltdown and then went to see MIB3 and painted a bunch and now everything's alright. Magic!

I convinced Seth to give me all of his extra dug-out bottles they're beautiful. Seth digs up stuff at construction sites, here, go here and scroll down.

When I lived on the island one day someone left me this present - they're mice skulls. Smaller than my pinky nail. Now my house is always locked up and no one brings me presents. Except one time in the spring someone left a bunch of pussy willows in a beer bottle in my mailbox and I still don't know who it was.

It's so hot that my hummus just CURDLED. What the! 

I'm reading three books at once: Under the Sign of Saturn, Money and The Left Hand of Darkness which I only started reading today even though I've owned it for years.

Both my roommates are gone and I'm home alone. I'm scared! Now when I go to bed I booby trap the entrances to my attic! Totally serious. I'm like Macaulay Culkin. But I have a big hammer instead of marbles, tar or feathers. Anyway I pretty much orchestrated sleepovers for the entire week so that I don't have to do that anymore. I got lots of VHS you are welcome to come over at night. Going to watch Kindergarten Cop and Natural Born Killers next. 


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magda o said...

id beover in a minute if i was in toronto. like before the last minute happened.