Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It was Helena's birthday and she rode an enormous horse bigger than I've ever seen! Then we went to swim in a quarry. While she was riding I made friends with the farrier (the dude who puts the horse's shoes on) and watched him put the red hot metal shoe onto the horse's hoof! The entire building smelled like burning hair. Kevin gave me some sugar cubes and I gave it to the horse. His little eyebrows were raised the entire time like "what the shit" "my flesh" "ow" etc...anyway I guess they're used to it. The guy's job is also to trim the horse's nails and I picked one up and smelled it and it was the worst! Sulfur and rot. Apparently the dogs love eating it. Gross. On the way home Kevin and Helena stopped by a field so I could pick some wild flowers and then we talked about how we prefer to die (when we're old of course, c'mon). 

The other day a man was shot in the head and killed at the Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe on College and Montrose. I rode my bike by last night there was still so much blood on the ground. A big, thick and dark puddle. I wonder how long it'll take them to clean up. My friend Lou's dad was sitting right behind the man and saw it happen. He was watching soccer and then he turned around and someone was getting shot in the face. Fucked up. But also, I was so grossed out by everyone's "oh my safe city---what happened??!" reaction. People are so appalled when there's violence in downtown Toronto neighbourhoods but really it happens all the time! Just because it's out of the suburbs doesn't mean it's more meaningful somehow. There are moms and kids everywhere.

Some pictures.

Did you know you have to squeegee the horse after you give it a shower?! It's true.

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