Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This is what I dream about at least once a week:

The monoliths are submerged in the Black Sea in and it's always night time when I'm there. Not sure what that means.

When I dated Noel I kept a dream diary because he did too and I was inspired. My fave dream of his was the one where I sat cross legged on the edge of his bed cracking eggs onto the floor. His floor was a giant griddle and I was making him the biggest omelette ever! We did use to eat breakfast at Elvis in Parkdale a whole lot maybe that's why. Elvis or Tennessee's. My post breakfast walks with Noel on the West end train tracks, our cameras, Wild Turkey, junk shops = best times.

Here's a song, bye friends.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there bebe. Read this on a Forum somewhere and thought of you.

The Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon combination produces a realist with only marginal interest in generalizations and/or abstractions. Here, the focus is definite and highly personal. Ambition is vividly marked in the nature of these individuals and there is little feeling for right, wrong, justice, philosophy...or any other intangibles...unless they touch such natives, or people in whom these natives are interested. Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon subjects are extremely independent and highly impulsive. They are well aware of being strong on a personal level and harbor minimal compassion or concern for others who lack such strength. In short, an understanding nature is not their special gift since they are rather shrewd and hard-headed in demeanor. Still, these individuals do possess an effervescent personality and are never ones to run away from a fight. Indeed, when roused, they are capable of voluble and forceful resentments. Mentally quick, clever and highly protective, the Scopio Sun/Aries Moon person has an accurate and critical mind that can handle hard work and lengthy scientific analysis. In terms of relationships, this is an ardent and passionate soul...but one who is not always an easy partner to live with. Though demanding and exacting of others, these natives are not necessarily willing to be imposed upon in return. There is something of a rash and forceful temperament here. Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon individuals are admired by those around them for their solid and definite opinions...opinions they never hesitate to put into practice. These are born fighters who attack problems directly with little (if any) concern for tact and diplomacy. Nonetheless, they are the people to call upon when a difficult job needs doing since they usually let nothing standing in the way of reaching their goals.