Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I have been listening to this on repeat for two days now. What a woman. Holy shit.

If you haven't watched the full Michael Bryant interview on CBC yet you can and should do it now (LINK). He even complains about being charged "too quickly" by the Toronto Police. I've never been more uncomfortable watching someone talk for an hour. How long do you think he spent preparing for that interview? A well practiced lie is still a lie. He is the worst piece of shit and someone should stop him. 

I've been having lots of memorable conversations with my grandmother about her life during the war, about politics, Marx, women, our parents, rules and breaking them, literature and religion (my entire family is atheist). I started interviewing her about our family history (LINK).

She is my only remaining grandmother, in a way we are closer in thought and values than my parents and I, and when I talk to her I feel sad thinking of all the people who leave their parents/grandparents in old age homes without ever finding out much about their lives. Go talk to your grandparents now! They're smarter than you think. 

I am going to have the nicest day today. Pictures later. Here are some more videos for you. All from Toronto.

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