Tuesday, February 5, 2013

With Helena at her stable 2 weeks ago. It was so cold the horses refused to do anything! Do you know that if you own a horse you have to clean its penis every once in a while? I'm going to convince Helena let me film it. 

When I first visited the stable I photographed the horses because they're enormous monsters with giant eyes and I've never been comfortable around them before. But this time I got to look around and I think I understand it a bit better now. While Helena was riding I walked through the stable and wanted to touch everything. Owning a horse seems to be half about the horse and half paraphernalia, which somehow makes it instantly "sexy"?! Anything that involves prolonged tinkering with, taking care of or admiring of equipment, especially when it's fancy and made of leather/  natural materials/ metallic / etc seems fetishistic to me. Don't you think? All those straps and harnesses. Imagine the people in your life (or yourself) who are into guns, knives, power/surgical tools, photographic/ video/ film/ printing/ sound equipment and their relationship to these objects. So, horse riding is the same just more expensive. That was my great discovery.

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Helena said...

When I was a kid having a saddle was one of the dreamiest things that could possibly happen. When I was maybe fourteen a family friend gave me my first saddle. It was in the olden days when people did not think so much about how saddles fit the horse so I used it on all sorts of horses. It was amazing. I even liked just looking at it. And cleaning it. So, yes, it is fetishistic. I don't feel that way about my saddle now, but I remember it very clearly and it was so exciting.

I have been surprised by how necessary everything is. I did think that a lot of women just liked shopping but you do need almost everything. Right now I really need to get a quarter sheet.