Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nader Hasan at Whippersnapper, 2 yrs ago (photos c/o Whippersnapper)

Nader has a show at AGYU now - go see it. My faves: a digested dollar bill still smeared in shit, a long carpet made of flags of the world's 100 wealthiest countries (not included at AGYU) and some dead mice still in mouse traps rotting away in clear boxes. I envy that kind of comfort with physicality because I can't do it. Something happened in the past ten years and now the idea of poking holes in a closed biological system makes me sick to my stomach. So, no gory movies and I will probably never become a nurse. Not so bad. Anyway.

The other day while waiting for a streetcar in Chinatown this random guy joined me and my friend. He was carrying a plastic bag and a travel mug. He walked up to the nearest little tree, you know, the wimpy trees they planted along Dundas, and ripped off a branch to hang his bag and his mug on the remaining stump. He said "oh fuckit I got tired of carrying that shit with me all day" as he dumped the branch onto the ground. He wore a baseball cap that said "GREEN POWER". At first I thought it was about weed but no it was green as in "environmentally friendly". He told us a story about beating up a guy who was ogling his thirteen year old daughter, again I thought this was somewhere in the distant past but no, he removed his glove and produced bloody knuckles and then a so fresh it's still crusty tattoo of a naked woman with large balloon breasts who he said was his "woman". When he picked up his plastic bag there were tall cans of beer inside. He seemed upset about everything. It's not uncommon. Life is pretty fucking hard for people my age with thirteen year old daughters and bloody knuckles. I didn't feel mad about the tree anymore.

Today I'm painting while listening to Lenny Bruce all day. If you want something from me let's meet up tomorrow. Free all day.

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