Thursday, May 9, 2013

We made this video last month with Isla and Mairi Greig. Isla is one of my oldest friends in Toronto so this was easy. Mairi is a dancer with the Toronto Dance  Theatre. I've been thinking a lot about dancers and how dancing takes so much commitment and is a way of performing that doesn't necessarily provide the same instant gratification as for example being a "famous" musician / artist (maybe I read into it too much?). Not to undermine anyone else's hard work. But dancing seems to be mostly about honing your skill and endurance and determination because so many dancers I know practice within a professional peer group that doesn't coincide with their social circle. It's like a secret world or something. Anyway, I'm obviously so impressed by that. 

Barb Lindenberg and I will be working on a video from her spring performance Another Thousand Mountains this month and I'm really really excited. Here is a link to her work and here is another video she was in recently. BYEEE FRIENDS HAPPY SUMMER sorry I don't have anything dramatic or gossipy to report! 

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